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    Barre, Gentle Yoga, Vinyasa Flow, ComPOUND, Osteo Fitness, Stretch and Foam Roll.

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    Barre, Yoga, Osteo Fitness, COMpound, Body Fit


    S t r e t c h & Roll

    A boutique studio in Guilford committed to form and alignment

    building strength of the body and mind with attention to detail.

    Personalized classes in a group setting.

    First class complimentary for Shoreline Residents

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    First class at the studio is complimentary for shoreline residents


    please note: this is our current weekly schedule.

    This list is not updated for additions, cancelations or changes.

    to confirm a class, please email

    reservations are made via email, we do not schedule

    classes or take reservations through our website.

    TrueForm Studio Class Schedule:

    all classes 1 hour unless noted.

    8:30am -  TrueForm Osteo Fitness - Erin  

    10:00am - TrueForm Foundations Barre - Erin 


    9:00AM - TrueForm Gentle Yoga - Erin

    7:30am - TrueForm Barre - Simone 
    8:40am - TrueForm Barre - Simone 


    8:30am - TrueForm Gentle Yoga - Erin 

    10:00am - TrueForm Osteo Fitness               
    4:30pm - TrueForm Adaptive Yoga - Emily
                        Teens/Young adult (14-21) 

                        45 minute class $15. per person

    7:15am -    TrueForm Barre - Simone
    8:30am -  TrueForm Barre - Simone


    8:00am - Body Fit (HIIT) - Athena
    9:30am - TrueForm Stretch & Roll- Simone

    8:00am - TrueForm ComPOUND- Simone 

    TrueForm Studio Class Descriptions

    TrueForm Barre -all equipment provided - grippy sock required (can borrow for first class)

    A challenging and fun class set to all genres of music designed to sculpt and create lean muscles, stamina, flexibility and strength. Classes are designed to offer a personal fitness experience in a group setting. No dance experience required. 

    TrueForm Gentle Yoga- feel free to bring your own mat if preferred.
    Suitable for all levels. A restful, calming class which includes breathing, gentle flowing movements, passive and supported poses. Variations and modifications will be offered to increase endurance, balance and coordination while maintaining connection to the breath.

    TrueForm Stretch  & Roll-all equipment provided.
    Suitable for EVERYONE at any flexibility level. A slow and thoughtful progression from standing to floor work combining several techniques intended to increase flexibility and range of motion. Soft rollers have been added to address tight muscles, hydrate fascia and replenish fluids throughout the body resulting in full relaxation by the conclusion of class. You will feel relaxed and achieve space in your body by the conclusion of class.

    TrueForm Adaptive Yoga- 14-18 years old - all equipment provided.
    $70. per person for 5 week series (limit 16 students)
    This 45 minute class is fun, challenging and safe. Emily will lead the class through a series of Ashtangaposes. Students will gain fluency, familiarity and confidence. Set to pop sounds, students will enjoy expressing themselves through the movement of yoga. Parents are welcome to take class, drop off or stay.

    TrueForm Barre Foundations - all equipment provided.TrueForm Barre Foundations- all equipment provided - grippy sock required  - sold at studio  (can borrow for first class)

    Our Foundations class will get you moving and educated in our technique of alignment. Learn how to move correctly which will keep you safe in and out of class as you improve your posture, build strength, become more flexible, improve your balance, your reflexes and develop more confidence. Also a great class for seasoned students to go deeper, perfect positions and take advantage of the slower pace. No dance experience required. 

    TrueForm Osteo Fitness - This class weaves both isotonic (small range or motion) and isometric (no motion) principles with balance, posture and stretching segments. These concepts along with yoga principles have been merged to create a non impact class designed to give you a safe and unique combination of thoughtful movement which can help slow bone loss, improve balance and contribute to regaining flexibility all without stressing your joints. This class concludes with a peaceful savasana.

    TrueForm ComPOUND - all equipment provided, bring:sneakers, towel, water.
     A totally unique class that blends the principles of several different NYC methods through compound movements, angles and large range of motion. Both a mental and physical class, students will discover how to transfer weight as they support themselves through sequences that utilize the whole body. The addition of ankle weights (provided) will take your work in class to another level. 

    Body Fit - all equipment provided, bring sneakers, towel, water

    Our Cardio HIIT style class will encourage and inspire you to work to your personal level of intensity with modifications available so that everyone can be successful. Various formats are woven together with 3-4lb weights, bands, discs and your own body weight making this a challenging and safe class. * Bring sneakers, water & hand towel.



    TrueForm Studio Class Reservations 

    First class free for Shoreline Residents

    Feel free to drop in although reservations are encouraged so we can be ready to greet you. Reservations are made through email:

    Please indicate which class/classes you would like to take. You will receive a return email confirmation.

    TrueForm Studio Class Fee 

    drop in - $20.00

    5 pack New Student package - $75.00 (15./class)

    11 class package - $200.00 (18./class)

    23 class package - $400.00 (17./class)

    packages never expire, are not automatically renewed, and can be used to treat a guest to a class.

    TrueForm Studio accepts cash, check and VENMO