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About TrueForm

TrueForm Studio (TFS) offers classes in a bright and welcoming fitness studio in Guilford, CT. Barre is an exercise method that does not require dance experience and is open to all. TFS was founded by Simone Gell, who brought authentic NYC style barre to the Shoreline in 2013. Classes are held in-person, or a previously recorded class can be taken at home on demand, and are designed according to each student's needs and goals. TrueForm students are a close-knit community who inspire each other in a trusting atmosphere that encourages progress as well as mental and physical strength. Classes are challenging, and focus on form, accuracy and safety offering modifications throughout. 

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Simone Gell
Founder, Owner and Teacher

Certified through Exhale in NYC, Simone's barre classes are both challenging and personal as she accommodates each of her students. Within a few visits, Simone's students are a part of something bigger, as they develop both inner and outer strength which transitions into everyday life. Simone is attentive to form and accuracy, vested in her students individual goals, and provides individual suggestions and encouragement for each student. Through Simone's class, students move beyond their own mental and physical barriers, build strength and flexibility, make space in their bodies, and feel better than ever.

Simone Gell - Barre Instructor
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